Caucasus Journal of Health Sciences and Public Health

Official journal of the University of Georgia and Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

With support of the Arctic University of Norway/Tromsø

  Volume 2 Supplement 3 June 2018

  Materials of Conference


  III Students Conference: Healthcare Plus


  Short Papers

Medical Tourism Industry: Its Framework and Impact on the Global Healthcare

Nino Mikava, Elza Nikoleishvili

Dental and skeletal fluorosis main etiologic factors, prevalence and severity

Megi Sharashenidze, Nino Sharashenidz, Nino Chichua

Overview of prevalence of malocclusions in primary dentition

Elene Golovachova, Tinatin Mikadze, Manana Kalandadze

Endodontic Surgery/Apicoectomy

Edgar Yengoyan, Maia Jikia

Complications During and After Extraction of Third Molar

Amena Alazzawi, Mohammed Ghazi, Maia Jikia

Systemic antibiotic therapy in treatment of periodontal diseases

Samira Fattahy Meybody, Nodar Sulashvili, Marika Sulashvili, Maia Matoshvili

Atherosclerosis velocity and its prognostic value

Marika Gamkrelidze, Nodar Sulashvili, Marika Sulashvili

Adverse drug reaction

Oladoye Oluwole Olawale, Tamar Kezeli, Elza Nikoleishvili, Nodar Sulashvili

Toxicity of lead poisoning

Oyesiji Rilwan Oyebamiji, Tamar Kezeli, Nodar Sulashvili

The Role of Industrial Waste in the Ecological Conjunction

Tamriko Supatashvili; Nodar Sulashvili


Analysis of intoxications caused by drinking water and food during 2013-2017 based on the data provided by National Food Agency

(in Georgian)

Elene Pitsklhelauri, Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Assessment of clinical and laboratory tests results performed during 2013-2017 based on the data provided by Mrcheveli Limbach Diagnostic Group

(in Georgian)

Konstantine Gogoberidze, Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Evaluation of medical services provided to insured beneficiaries by Insurance Company Irao during 2013-2016

(in Georgian)

Eter Chilingarashvili, Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Prevalence of eye diseases in Georgia (2012-2016)

(in Georgian)

Akaki Kapanadze, Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Epidemiology of maxillofacial traumatic injuries: International Review

(in Georgian)

Sophio Gvazava, Nato Pitskhelauri, Nino Chikhladze

Road Safety: International Experience and Best Practices

(in Georgian)

Nia Khachidze, Ana Giguashvili, Nino Chikhladze

Role of prevention in child traumatic injuries

(in Georgian)

Ketevan Akhobadze, Ana Giguashvili, Nino Chikhladze

Psychoorganic syndrome - an indirect outcome of traumatic brain injury

(in Georgian)

Eka Burkadze, Nino Chikhladze

Global trends of traumatic injuries

(in Georgian)

Nino Chkhaberidze, Nino Chikhladze

Health condition of individuals with violent experience in childhood

(in Georgian)

Gvantsa Dadiani, Nata Kazakhashvili

Characteristics of delivering Hepatitis C screening to the university population

(in Georgian)

Salome Akhalaia, Tamar Lobjanidze, Giorgi Kamkamidze

Health service quality – hospital infection control mechanisms

(in Georgian)

Kristine Jokhadze

Level of awareness on measles in the student population of the University of Georgia

(in Georgian)

Ana Molashkhia

Study of nurses’ attitudes towards their profession

(in Georgian)

Natiko Okujava

Effectiveness of clinical managers retraining program

(in Georgian)

Ana Shalamberidze, Tea Gamezardashvili

Study of organ transplantation statistics in Georgia

(in Georgian)

Nino Babilua

Management of state health services and payment methods within Universal Health Care Program

(in Georgian)

Lasha Khvedelidze, Ketevan Goginashvili

Social cost of non-medical use of psychotropic substances

(in Georgian)

Eteri Shurghaia, Elza Nikoleishvili

Social cost of non-medical use of psychotropic substances

Eteri Shurghaia, Elza Nikoleishvili

Influence of air pollution on the frequency of pathology of upper respiratory tract and characteristics of its progress

(in Georgian)

Maka Kurashvili, Elza Nikoleishvili

Influence of air pollution on the frequency of pathology of upper respiratory tract and characteristics of its progress

Maka Kurashvili, Elza Nikoleishvili

Benefits of Healthcare Documentation Technology in healthcare quality management: experience, perspectives and challenges

Khatia Antia, Mariam Lobjanidze

Flavonoids as modulators of multidrug resistance

Siyanbade Adefola Rebecca, Lia Tsiklauri

The Role of Antenatal Care Services in the Health Condition of Pregnant and Newborn

N. Jincharadze, N. Kazakhashvili

Challenges in Pain Management at the End of Life

Nathia Shavdia

Enantiomers meaning for drug affects

Basma ali aldahan, Marwa mazin alnashi, Tamriko Supatashvili, Nodar Sulashvili

The pineal gland and it decalcifying

Ahmad Awira, Nodar Sulashvili, Marika Sulashvili

Hepatotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Liver

Adesoji Omotayo Isaac, Eka Kurdadze, Elza Nikoleishvili, Nodar Sulashvili

Pharmacy practice and education in Nigeria

Hassan Olatunde Abiola, Elza Nikoleishvili

Nursing Practice

Simbarashe Christopher Dzuda, Giorgi Tsilosani

Pharmacy practice in Egypt

Pishoy Ragaay Nagy Masry, Elza Nikoleishvili

Usage of 3D printers in medical education

Davit Tophuria, Maia Matoshvili, Levan Benashvili, Nodar Sulashvili

Further steps of hepatocyte transplantation

Davit Tophuria, Maia Matoshvili, Nodar Sulashvili

Adipose tissue of the Perivascular bed

Davit Tophuria, Maia Matoshvili, Nodar Sulashvili

Drug metabolism

Siyanbade adefola Rebecca, Tamriko Supatashvili, Nodar Sulashvili

Lead poisoning and its toxic effects

Oyesiji Rilwan Oyebamiji, Tamar Kezeli, Nodar Sulashvili

Nanoscaled systems for drug delivery

Marwa mazin sami, Basma ali aldahan, Nodar Sulashvili, Lia Tsiklauri


Mohammed AlKhafaji, Maia Jikia

Peptidomimetics in medicine and drug discovery

Safaa Zouhori, Nodar Sulashvili, Lili Arabuli

Solid-Phase Synthesis of Peptides

Ahmed Hashim Harb, Lili Arabuli

Dental Implants

Abdullah Saad Saadoon, Grigol Dzodzuashvili

Osteomyelitis of the Jaws

Ahmed Hajjaj, Maia Jikia

CAD/CAM technology in Dentistry

Makan Zaker, Grigol Dzodzuashvili

Causes of corruption and main interventions to reduce it in the health sector

Simon Gabritchidze