Caucasus Journal of Health Sciences and Public Health

Official journal of the University of Georgia and Iv.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

With support of the Arctic University of Norway/Tromsø

  Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2018




Healthcare Plus: Systemic Full Continuous Educational Program

Conception: Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Georgia

Vasil Tkeshelashvili, Elza Nikoleishvili

  Articles and Reviews

Sexual Life Style Variables and Risk of Cancer*

Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Diagnostic value of Pap smear cytology and colposcopy in detection of cervical premalignant lesions

T.Gogoladze, V.Tkeshelashvili, T.Alibegashvili, K.Manjgaladze, M.Jorbenadze

Influence of Some Environmental Factors on Manifestation of Familial Mediterranean Fever in Children: Clinical and Genetic Aspects

T.Avagyan, G.Amaryan, A.Budumyan, A.Hayrapetyan, A.Tadevosyan

Sleep disorders and the memory processing at ethanol administration

M.Gogichadze, M.Nemsadze, N.Lortkipanidze, N.Oniani

Impact of Fluoride Deficit on Dental Health in High MountainousRegions of Georgia

Nutsa Zurabiani, Mariam Margvelashvili, Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Occupational features of pharmaceutical workers, viewed by the chief pharmacists

Nodar Sulashvili, Margarita Beglaryan, Maia Matoshvili

Vocational specifications for junior pharmacists

Nodar Sulashvili, Margarita Beglaryan, Maia Matoshvili

Medical Gerontology, Review

Sophio Skliarenko, Vasil Tkeshelashvili

Key issues of research with human participation

Gabunia Luiza, Khetsuriani Shorena, Gamkrelidze Natia, Kurashviili Maka

Management of oral cavity disorders during chemotherapy in oncologic patients

Ketevan Nanobashvili

History of cancer registration in Georgia

Nino Abesadze

Trends of obesity and overweight among foreign students in Tbilisi, Georgia

Bernardita Belén Ganga, Opeyemi Esther Olorunnisola, Emmanuella Eloho Onogbeye, Jenette Belole,Mariam Lobjanidze, Maia Gogashvili